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aco wrapは、京都を拠点に素材にこだわった蜜蝋ラップ ブランドで、岐阜県のミツバチの巣から採取した蜜蝋をベースにしたオイルをたっぷりとオーガニックコットンの生地に染み込ませた天然ラップを販売しています。原料には主にみつろうとオーガニックコットンを使用しており全て天然素材でできています。 Made in Japanにこだわり、染め、裁断、加工、全ての行程をひとつひとつ丁寧に手作業でつくっています。詳細は下記よりご覧ください。



aco wrap is a natural wrap dipped with beeswax from bee’s nest located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Their products are made with organic cotton which wraps ingredients and containers in a beautiful and compact way. Beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial and natural preservation properties which keep your food fresher, longer. Their raw materials used are organic cotton produced by fair trade from the city of Tsuruzu in Gifu, unrefined golden hover oil, natural resin of plant origin, and other all-natural materials.

aco wrap was created in hopes that people in Japan would use these wraps (originally found in Australia by aco wrap owner). They are committed to their “Made in Japan” promise. All of aco wraps’ products are hand-painted, dyed, finished and processed carefully and manually.

You can use it as a lid for leftovers, wrap cut vegetables or bread. Since there is no waste produced, there are they many situations in which you can use aco wraps’ products in your daily life.

Please find a way that best suits your daily lifestyle.

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