Minna Denryoku: Sustainable Energy





Introducing a great way to make a small change in our daily lives to create a better future for our planet: choosing cleaner, renewable energy to power your home. Minna Denryoku is a company that provides up to 75% renewable energy sources to power your home (includes wind, solar, biomass and water power). This is all coming locally from Japan, from people setting up these locations for green energy. The craziest part is that the price does not differ at all from regular energy cost through conventional coal based energy sources and the same power lines can be used to get energy supplied by Minna Denryoku.

It’s super easy to sign up online (only available in Japanese though) and set up payments through credit card. Another great part about their service is that they donate a portion of your monthly bill to support the people supplying you with the green energy or people who are running local businesses with green energy. You have the option to choose who you want to support every month. Moreover, you have access to special events, seminars, lives and goodies from the people supporting green energy usage in Japan! If you live in the Tokyo area, you can sign up for their FIT plan, which is 100% renewable energy source for your home for a small price increase than their regular plan. Check the Minna Denryoku’s website below for more details and how to sign up!

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Selling price  ¥3,500(Including Tax)


▼下記のみんな電のウエブページに従ってください。Follow the link below to visit Minna Denryoku’s website.