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Zero Waste Japan- tips to living a sustainable lifestyle

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Hello CICLO readers! This is Melisa and today I would like to introduce you to a popular Instagram page called “Zero Waste Japan”. Zero Waste Japan began as an online blog written by Ran, a mother of 2 kids who after learning more about a zero-waste lifestyle decided to share tips and sustainable lifestyle changes to her viewers.

The start of a zero-waste lifestyle by Ran

Zero Waste Japan- cotton grocery veggie bags

How to Keep your Veggies Fresh. Credit: Zero Waste Japan

Ran currently lives in Osaka, Japan. There are currently no bulk stores or farmer’s markets readily available in Japan. Moreover, most Japanese are not aware of the damage that single-use plastics have done to our ocean’s habitats and food supply. As a result of becoming more aware about these issues, Ran decided to start reducing the amount of waste and reuse and recycle as much as she possibly could. She tries her best to live a sustainable lifestyle by being environmentally conscious about the products she uses on a daily basis. She also wanted to spread more awareness in Japan on how we can all start making small and simple changes in the way we live our daily lives. This gave birth to Zero Waste Japan online blog and Instagram page.

magnesium pellets for laundry- zero waste japan

Magnesium pellets for eco-laundry. Credit: Zero Waste Japan


Zero Waste Soap Holder- Zero Waste Japan

Zero-waste soap holder. Credit: Zero Waste Japan

Why do I love Zero Waste Japan?

I, myself, enjoy looking at Zero Waste Japan’s Instagram page and reading her blogs because Ran includes a lot of useful posts like how to make your own at-home compost, delicious recipes and zero-waste tips and tricks anyone can do at home (without breaking your budget). I also enjoy reading about her DIYs and recommended zero-waste items to avoid buying plastic packaged goods at a conventional supermarket. The best part is that Ran is a blogger and Instagramer from Japan so she is able to find ways on how to be sustainable and live a zero-waste life here (which I think is really hard to do compared to other countries). Ran really aims to give advice to people who are living in Japan and finds ways to write new and interesting blogs about her commitment to a zero-waste lifestyle. Not only that, she also just released an online Zero Waste Japan Travel Guide which you can download for free using the Kindle app! Here, she features 10 local shops and restaurants around the Kyoto area which do their best to serve you zero-waste options and are alternatives to live zero-waste in Japan. I highly recommend you to check out Zero Waste Japan! You will surely find something which you never thought you could do to reduce your impact on our planet.

easy zero-waste bowl recipe zero waste japan

Easy sushi bowl recipe. Credit: Zero Waste Japan


zero waste japan lemon

Jar half-filled with water to conserve leftover lemon longer. Credit- Zero Waste Japan

A message from Zero Waste Japan

I had the pleasure to be able to contact Ran via Instagram and she was excited to be featured in one of CICLO’s blogs. I would like to end today’s blog with a message for our viewers from Ran herself:

Hello CICLO readers! My name is Ran and I live a zero-waste lifestyle in Japan. After reading Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, I felt inspired to do my part and I began my zero-waste journey. I’m trying to produce as little trash and recycle as much as possible. We can all do something to make the world a little greener. Let’s exchange ideas between countries and make a global change together!

Thanks for reading! I hope Ran’s initiative to live a more sustainable life will also inspire you all to do the same! Be sure to check out her pages below! Until next time!

▼Zero Waste Japan BLOG

▼Zero Waste Japan INSTAGRAM

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