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The birth of CICLO: The Sustainable Magazine

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Hello CICLO readers! Welcome to our online magazine web page. My name is Ryo Utsunomiya, co-founder and designer of CICLO: The Sustainable Magazine.

Thank you for visiting our site. CICLO is a web magazine based on the idea from ​​Melisa (founder of CICLO) who studied Plant Biology and Genetic Engineering at the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She wished to publish information on national and international activities based on the theme of sustainability as well as build an online hub for those want to learn more and wish to take action. From these ideas, CICLO was born. Originally, we planned to import bioplastic raw materials from abroad and then sell it and produce it here in Japan. However, while we were researching and planning this business idea out we found out it was insufficient to solve our current plastic waste problem. We both felt it would stray away from our true purpose of bringing more awareness about themes like sustainability, circular economy and finding alternatives to our current lifestyle choices for the future of our planet and generations to come. Our business plan was canceled knowing it would produce the opposite results. Melisa and I both understood that change could only happen if we took action unto our own hands instead of relying on someone else. Since then, we began preparing and collecting the most useful knowledge and information regarding sustainable businesses, people and events around the world and combine them all on this site. A variety of sustainability activities around the world have already begun, but this information is not yet known in Japan. This web magazine gathers such unique information from home and abroad and delivers it both in Japanese and English. If you would like to learn more about CICLO’s concept, our member or would like to join our cause by collaborating please follow the pages seen below.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles and that you become inspired to do something for the future of our society. We believe that knowledge is power and with it, we can change the world, together.


Photo provided by Gabriela Ramírez

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