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A Sense of Sustainability Embedded in Logo Design

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Nice to meet you! My name is Rintaro Tsuji. I’m currently a student at Hitsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. I am a new writer and graphic designer for CICLO Magazine.

For my first post, I would like to introduce the logos of several companies and organizations that engage in sustainable activities. I will interpret and try to understand the ideas contained within the logo pertaining to their activities and principles!

1. LUSH- Handmade Cosmetics


LUSH: Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH is a company that mainly produces and sells handmade bath and beauty products. LUSH not only uses environmentally friendly raw materials, but also carries out advanced initiatives on sustainability, such as reducing energy during manufacturing and not conducting animal testing. Their logo easily draws attention due to its simple white letters on a black background. This is also a good way to highlight the colorful products lined up in their stores. The POP advertising inside the LUSH stores are also standardized in white letters on a black background, forming a brand image.

2. ecostore- Home and Body Care Products


ecostore: Safer for you

Ecostore manufactures and sells home and body care products. They use only 100% recyclable materials for  their packaging and their plastic packed products are derived from plants (known as sugar plastic or plastic made out of sugar cane). Ecostore’s philosophy is to take into consideration the interaction between human beings and the environment. Their logo is also very simple with only letters and lines, but the “eco” part is bolded for emphasize, and the “+ safer for you” slogan is designed to make the main business idea understandable even at a glance.



United Nations: Sustainable Development Goals

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) are the United Nations’ sustainable development goals set for 2030. SDGs consists of 17 major goals and 169 targets to achieve them. Each of the 17 goals is assigned an image color, and the colorful “O” in the logo is a representation of those colors. It is a design that receives a bright and friendly impression.

4. Patagonia- Outdoor Goods and Products


Patagonia: Outdoor clothing and gear

Patagonia is a company that mainly handles outdoor products. It is famous for carrying out various sustainability-related activities, from the use of environmentally friendly materials to donations. It’s also characterized by its efforts to reduce the amount of waste by making products that last longer. Their logo has a striking hand-painted background, but it has a mountain motif from Patagonia, South America. By expressing a beautiful and majestic nature in the background, we can further respect for Patagonia’s work for the Earth.

5. Precious Plastic- Create your own Recycling Machines


Precious Plastic: Start recycling plastic

PRECIOUS PLASTIC is an initiative to disseminate the idea of creating your own plastic recycling machine any where in the world, using simple tools. On their website, they have open-source information and details of the design of their recycling machines for free. Therefore, it is a feature that people around the world can participate in and work with PRECIOUS PLASTIC to increase the amount of plastic recycling on an individual basis. The logo is impressive with the illustration of a flag made out of a plastic bag. The hand-made design is created by a hand drawing but creates a strong impact.

6. TED- Worldwide NPO Hosting Educational Lectures


TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.

TED is a non-profit organization that hosts lectures worldwide. Professionals from various fields give presentations and often talk about environmental issues and sustainability. Their slogan is “ideas worth spreading“, and it’s run with the philosophy of spreading ideas in various fields to society. The logo letters use Helvetica Neue and Helvetica, giving a stable and strong impression. It easily catches the eye and has a high visibility design.

7. CICLO- The Sustainable Magazine


Last but not least, I would like to talk about our own site dedicated to sustainability, CICLO MagazineCICLO means “cycle” in Spanish and expresses the cycle of life on Earth. Therefore, the logo is composed of circles drawn with organic lines with a soft-edged circular-based font. In addition, when using it for circle-based icons such as for Instagram or other SNS, it can also be produced in a form that looks synthetically pleasing and beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some logo design insight regarding several different sustainable businesses and organizations. Sustainability and design might seem like two completely different themes, but I think they can come together very nicely as well! See you next time!

  1. Anohsehun123

    It’s true about Lush, in the Undercover Boss TV series one of the employee complains about their uniforms that feels like they are prisoners because the lack of color. And the boss said that they cannot change that due to branding strategy, they want the colors of the products really pop out…

    • MelisaMelisa

      Hi! Thank you for your comment! Yeah, this was new information for me as well! It totally makes since now that you think about it. It’s an interesting way to brand their company. We hope you enjoyed reading this post! Thank you always for your support 😉

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