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Starting a sustainable trend in Japan by CHIHIRO


Hello CICLO readers! Nice to meet you all. My name is Chihiro.

Currently, I work as a flight attendant for a foreign airline. As I often go abroad, whether at work or in my private life, I have had the chance to experience the world’s different types of sustainable lifestyles. Whenever I come back home to Japan, I suddenly wondered, “Why does my home country, which is known to be a technologically advanced country, lacks such an awareness related to environmental issues?”


How to create a sustainable life trend in Japan?

The most familiar example is the use of plastic bags here. Overseas, you can’t get shopping bags in places like Europe or America. At first, I wasn’t able to get used to this culture and I often went home having to carry my purchases instead. But thanks to this experience, it gradually became a habit to carry my own shopping bag in my purse or bag.

Japanese businesses always think about their consumer’s convenience and satisfaction first. Every time I come back to Japan, I am impressed with the cleanliness and attention to every detail. But what about environmental considerations? If the earth we live in is no good, wouldn’t there be no future for our children or our children’s children?

It sounds like an exaggerated topic when it comes to “environmental problems”, but the sustainable lifestyle I see around the world on a daily basis, is a very familiar topic in people’s every day lives.

So, that’s when I thought that “consideration for the environment” should become a trend in Japan. Through CICLO Magazine, I would like to reach out to Japanese women who are into fashion and lifestyle trends and hope to introduce them to stylish and environment-friendly ideas from around the world that they would want to incorporate into their daily lives.

And so in that way, a sustainable way of life in Japan can have an impact that lasts forever.

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