2. Concept


The true meaning of CICLO

Since the beginning of time, everything on this planet has flown in continuity, in an ever-flowing round circle that never ends; time, seasons, sunrises and sunsets, food webs and even life itself. CICLOmeaning “cycle” in Spanish was created to represent how life on this Earth has continued to survive until now. But, recently this natural cycle has slowly but surely begun to collapse; a once rhythmic and boundless motion has now become unpredictable and finite.

Our current global issues

Current issues that have begun to impact our natural world are climate change, excessive use of natural resources, food shortages, loss of natural species and plastic pollution in our oceans. We have all seen images and videos in the media and SNS posts stating our current global state. Unfortunately, most people keep swiping their screens to see something much more trendy and entertaining such as the Instagram shot of your bountiful food plate from the new cafe you went to last week, the Facebook post from your trip to Europe last summer or the beautiful African wildlife captured on National Geographic. However, if we don’t start to act now, all of the things posted on SNS or see in the media will be things of the past within the next 100 years. Your children or your children’s children will ask, “Why did you not do something to stop all this chaos when you had the chance?” and the future you may sit there speechless because there probably was something you could have done but chose not to.

Knowledge is power

CICLO was created with the above concepts in mind. We believe that knowledge is power and when people become much more aware of the global issues at hand, they will do whatever they can to preserve our beautiful planet because in the end, we only have one planet Earth. Some countries in other parts of the world like the Netherlands and UK have begun to start the fight to create changes in society to implement this “cycle” again. The concepts of sustainability and circular economy have been the recent talks of young entrepreneurs willing to risk it all to preserve our planet, however Japan still lacks this passion and willingness to implement change. Nevertheless, since the import ban of plastic waste to China that took place in 2018, Japan opened its eyes to one of the biggest global problems; the rise of single-use plastics. Japan is a country that has build its entire society based on the natural food resources that the surrounding ocean provides and the recent plastic pollution problem in our oceans is something all of the people in Japan should be more weary about. However, slowly but surely, many restaurants and businesses have begun to implement methods that are plastic-free and more sustainable for our planet. As time passes, we have forgotten to come back to the real meaning of sustainability and we would like to work together with you to bring it back to life. We want people to know that plastic can be a part of this cycle; we just need to know how to do it.

The start of a new future, together.

Here at CICLO, we want to build an online hub where everyone can educate themselves on how to live a more sustainable life. We would like to share information, resources and invite sustainable entrepreneurs and companies who understand that this is a dire time for the future of mankind.

Change is possible, if we all have work towards the same goal in mind. Let’s change the world together!