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Our new CICLO family member: Lucy


Today, I would like to talk about a personal event of ours! We would like to introduce our new CICLO mascot and family member, our dog Lucy. We adopted her from the Aotori Humane Society, a nonprofit organization in Yamaguchi Prefecture, who allowed us to adopt a dog rescued from the local city shelter. The NPO Aotori Humane Society rescues dogs and cats that were on the verge of being euthanized at local city animal shelters or takes animals which their owners are not able to care of anymore and gives them away.

rescue dog eating

Lucy eating from her food bowl for the first time.

Since its establishment in 2015, the humane society has given away more than 1,900 dogs and cats, and as a result of its activities, has kept the number of dogs and cats housed at the public health center in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, at zero since February 2016. The lack of funds and manpower has made it difficult to manage their rescue operations, but there are still many dogs and cats in need of protection, so the staff at Aotori has been doing their best to continuing their activities.

Lucy, previously named Anna during her rescue day from the local city shelter in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

We adopted a small Corgi/Terrier mix, which was named Anna at Aotori and later became Lucy our new CICLO family member. Lucy was rescued from a local animal shelter in Yamaguchi and was rescued by the Aotori staff exactly on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. She was found in a neglected state and at the time of her rescue, her hair was long, dirty and smelly. CICLO will continue to support the NPO Aotori Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations to raise funds for their programs.

If you are interested in supporting them, they are currently running a Crowdfunding page to help pay for a new shelter for Aoitori’s animals in case of a natural disaster. Please donate at their site listed below!

It’s not unusual to buy a dog or cat from a pet store for about 40-60,000 yen, depending on the breed in Japan. However, there are many animals in shelters/humane centers around the country that are being killed every day. Buying an expensive and cute dogs is definitely an option, but there are also many wonderful dogs in shelters just waiting to find their forever home. Next time you are thinking of getting a new pet, always adopt, don’t shop!

ciclo and lucy

Lucy in her forever home with Ryo and Melisa from CICLO.

Check out NPO Aotori Human Society’s SNS and webpage below if you are interested in adopting a pet in Japan!

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