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  • melisaacostaramirez-ciclo-founder-tokyo-japan

    Melisa Acosta Ramirez

    Founder and Scientist of CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Mexico City, Mexico
    Raised in the U.S.
    Living in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Melisa studied Plant Molecular and Genetic Biology at the University of Tsukuba. During her university career she learned about a variety of global issues such as food shortage, climate change and environmental pollution. After becoming aware of the impact of single-use plastics and excessive use of fossil fuels giving rise to an uncertain future for our society, she felt compelled to do something. From this inspiration, CICLO Magazine was born to become an online hub to bring awareness, education and change necessary to undo the damage already done. She believes that knowledge is power and when people are giving this power then change is possible. Together we can change the future!


  • utsunomiya_ryo_selfportrait_photography

    Ryo Utsunomiya

    CICLO Co-founder.
    Born in Uwajima, Ehime.
    STUDIO SALLY founder and Graphic Designer in Tokyo, Japan.

    Inspired by Melisa's idea of raising awareness on Japan's impact on the environment, he combines his design skills with her knowledge of science to create CICLO Magazine. He hopes to bring change and awareness about sustainability especially here in Japan. He wants to create a new way to educate people in Japan about several environmental issues that have begun to impact our society especially the increased use of single-use plastics.


  • Manami

    Illustrator and Assistant at CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Uwajima, Ehime, Japan.
    Manga Artist and Illustrator at STUDIO SALLY.

    Attended Tokyo Animator Vocational School. Graduated under the Professional Manga Artist course. Has a love for animal and nature and hope to do her part to introduce Japan to more sustainable ways of living. She hopes to use the power of manga, illustration and animation to bring awareness of our current world problems in a way that everyone can relate to.


  • letiproalmaldonado_selfportrait_photography_mexicocity_mexico-1

    Leti Proal Maldonado

    Writer at CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Mexico City, Mexico.
    Editorial Designer and Collaborator at STUDIO SALLY.

    Passion for creating a positive impact on our planet using editorial design experience. Leti was inspired after working with STUDIO SALLY and now with CICLO to share her experience with environmental issues overseas to the people of Mexico and Japan. She hopes to advocate change for a more sustainable lifestyle through communication and building a strong community all over the world.


  • gabrielaramirez_selfportrait_photography_mexicocity_mexico-1

    Gabriela Ramirez Alvarez

    Photographer at CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Mexico City, Mexico.
    Collaborator at STUDIO SALLY.

    Began photography at the age of 15 and since then decided to travel the world with just her camera in hands. She hopes that through her photography she can bring to you the same emotion, excitement and allure that her adventures around the world can incite. Come learn, imagine and dream with Gaby because she believes everyday there exists another opportunity to bring these photographic memories and emotions to life.


  • Kaitoprofile_ciclo_members2

    Kaito Murase

    Writer/Collaborator at CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Gunma, Japan.
    Traveler and Environmental Enthusiast.

    Through his travel experiences to 22 countries, Kaito felt and saw the environmental problems of our Earth with his own eyes. He believes if people value their own body, mind and way of thinking, then they are able to become a more complete human being. For Kaito, he realized that his goal was to save the natural environment where he resides now, planet Earth. He is truly grateful for the beautiful environment he lives and hopes to share his experiences with you as a member of CICLO.


  • rintaro_ciclo_members_profile-3

    Rintaro Tsuji

    Writer at CICLO Magazine.
    Designer at STUDIO SALLY.
    Hitotsubashi University 3rd-year student.
    Lives in Tokyo, Japan.

    Rintaro is our youngest CICLO member. He is currently a third-year student at Hitotsubashi University, School of Commerce. He studies marketing but would like to pursue a career in graphic design after graduating. Rintaro currently works with STUDIO SALLY as an intern. His hobbies are music and rakugo (Japanese comic story-telling).


  • Lisa Aoyama

    Writer/Collaborator at CICLO Magazine.
    Born in Japan, raised in the U.K.
    Alumni of the School of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts.

    Currently, a 1st year graduate school student researching social design (design as a means of approaching social issues), and encourages people to change their behavior on plastic pollution related topics and recently created an sustainability awareness group with former high school classmates and exhibited infographics-based posters titled, "How to get along with plastics".


  • chihiro-inaguma-ciclo

    Chihiro Inaguma

    Writer at CICLO Magazine.
    Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
    Flight cabin crew based in Taiwan.

    When she studied at University of Hawaii at Hilo on the big island,
    she fell in love with the nature and it brought her awareness about environmental problems. She is sharing the ideas of eco-friendly living she finds all over the world to let “sustainable lifestyle” become the next trend in Japan.


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